M&A and Fundraising

A Swiss governmental agency for start-up support and development.
Entrepreneurship coaching and advisory to very early stage companies to assist with their first business, marketing, IP and financial plans. Preparation for seed fundraising.

A French medical instrumentation company.
Finding an investor, strategic partner or buyer for a young, dynamic and profitable company. Found an acquirer from another European company (successful integration 2 years thereafter, all staff still in place).

A small, traditional Swiss phytopharmaceutical company.
Secured strategic partner or acquirer.

A Canadian software SME corporation.
Business development & advisory, prospect acquisition and presentations.

A Swiss start-up in IVD instrumentation.
Secured seed capital and their first licensing agreement.

A Swiss start-up in drug delivery.
Aided with their incorporation, business and financial plans, IP and market strategy. Secured seed capital.

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